1/31/2021 Business journal

I want to showcase my website and get it featured and get people to my site to buy my products.

Currently we are working on our emails and rightly allocated investment MOU. We are negitiating and bringing the prices down. And hopefully getting verification on them. I wrote to my Bank Santander and they will probably help me. That is on my to do list. I need to call PNC and discuss the facebook lottery that I won as well. As I said I didnt video chat with them but they may be autonomous virtual assistants. Im planning on starting my own busines and corp and believe I have enough money to do so. I may see what resources that state has. I will do that next. But we also need to get started on weather modification as well. I need to get in touch with the president. As I said he left me a dontation and this is either the way things are done or of which I believe sounds right. I just need paid immediately so that I can capitalize on all of the invesments that I have. I will post some of the emails that I get. And what we will be investing in if you buy my product. And then I can get SEO up and running on this website. I speak to you like you are working with me. I have been reading amazon and am on a really good book. The website design is crucial to any business. I also spoke with some potential business at the suns tonight. All thought I didnt get contact information. I will get it from my dad, This is my journal. I need to call pnc i wrote them an email. I need to be assertive as the diplomat states. I need to work on my phone conversations as well. Cold calling. Advise of the day. Work on your cold calling and negotiations from phone calls and closing. Some times you need to talk in the other ear and be prepared and enthusiastic. Its hard writing about what I do. But I can write about what other people do. This can be my think tank and forum. I receive more bank bond offers that I will post next. I am also learning code and Mark Zuckerberg is teaching me and telling me to code at least when I visit him with telepathy or invisible councilor technique. In all honesty I dont want to act like I am dumb or cant write sophisticatedly. It is a must we handle these bank bonds. It unparalleled in the feild. Its hard to believe and this is a scientific evidence of the observations. That I havnt become a millionaire yet. They must be messing with me you know what I mean. I hope there is a plan other than to propose me money but just about all the important people in the world. Only to not get paid. But all my invesments are still sort of there. I hope they arent value traps, But if thats the way the world works. And it should then I can see a high status of a future. Otherwise everyone would be criminals is some peoples viewpoints. But email is an extremely important tool in todays industry, its where most of the work gets done. And if I had someone working for me we could figure it out immediately. But let me know where you work and I will see if we can write about your business and create and ad agency on this page. And from other forums. I also have products about the processes they discribed on amazon about gaininng access to the proposals. I also have a place where you can give me money to invest. And I am almost certain there is some truth to to proposals. On to the next page.