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Citibank New York
U.S Service Center 111 wall Street New York
Citibank Contact Email : 

Attention Respected Customer: Mr. Jody

Welcome to Citibank (111 wall Street New York). We are a socially responsible organization, providing banking and membership services to individuals, companies, trade unions, charities, credit unions and membership organization sectors. We listen to and understand what our customers want and have developed a service which offers a wide range of benefits. One of our key objectives is to provide value for money banking for all of our customers.

We write to clarify and explain our mode of service that we render to clients on DONATION funds claim related issues. Firstly, our ultimate aim is to ensure that the Prime donation receives his/her donation funds.

That means delivering a wide range of services that can be tailored to your exact needs, including the smooth transfer of your banking to Citibank In regards setting up an Online bank account with us, Your details has been forwarded to us earlier by Mr. Charles Feeney, declaring you as a beneficiary to receive the total sum of $12,900.000.00 USD (Twelve Million Nine Hundred Thousand United State Dollars).

Without wasting much of your time we have FOUR ways of disbursing funds to our customers and below are the options so you are advised to choose from the below options and its fee included.

1. Non-Resident Savings Account (Online Banking Account): Initial deposit $850.00 us only.

2. Bank wire Transfer: Transfer Charge fee / Certificate of Legality Funds fee / Ownership Certificate fee total $530.00 us only.

3. Loaded ATM CARD : Delivery fee and Bank Activation fee $480.00 us only.

4). Bank Draft Check :  Delivery fee and Bank Insurance fee $420 us only.

Note that this fee has to be paid before this transaction is made.

Kindly choose from the above given option the best option you wish to receive the donation funds and Revert back to us for the immediate procedure of the donation funds to you.