Good news.

I want to showcase my website and get it featured and get people to my site to buy my products.

I will post some of the listings but my facebook diplomat is ready to allow me to win 3 million on a lottery. There was a discrepancy at my bank but I will get it handled. The diplomat is still here. He didnt go anywhere which is a good sign. I also have a donation from Biden that I need to pay for. As well as a bank bond from j.p. Morgan that I need to pay for. I am doing business to business sales to try to raise some funding. The bank bond is for 15 million dollars. I am in discussion with him. I also have a 35 billion dollar security that only cost 300 dollars that I also need to invest in. Thats the biggest investment I have thus far. I try to get as much verification as I can. But sometimes these people have virutal assistance and other people answering their emails for them.