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We are currently working on our corporation as well as writing and crafting legislation. I figured it out, obama is still trying to govern and tell BIden what to do, that is why we have been encountering a slow down in everything that means something to me. I will write a letter to Biden but I wanted to write legislation that would make everyone a millionaire with price controls on inflation. It is a government for the people, of the people and by the people. Citizens can write legislation and I wont get the run around this time. I am also working on my foreign exchange and treasury bills. We are also not going to let obama govern because of the depression that he caused while in office. And his severe hatred for people. We are also working on weather modification and affiliate marketing and ecommerce. Come and work for us. Im hiring all positions. Im also working on weather modification as well. I will set up my ecommerce store here in a bit. We want these digital assets to be real because it will add to our gdp and be repatriated. Im also working to create european aspects of society and white zones. We are going to give everyone grants in the millions of dollars with price controls for inflation.