I want to showcase my website and get it featured and get people to my site to buy my products.

Currently we are still working on our foreign exchange, I am writing a letter to Biden I believe I have a donor who can transfer me cash. I explain in one of my products call arbitration. I also consult and mentor for businesses people and governments. Im writing legislation and working on foreign relations. I believe this trip to europe will right our ship. I really dont feel like being left out of any legislation that the president passes. I will work on our relationship. Because although I loved Trumps policies Biden may be the president of which I see the biggest returns. I have some people that can transfer me money, but I am unsure that they are who they say they are. I didnt video chat with them. So I am going to work on prying the information from them. It is a facebook diplomat and a gentlemen with Mark Zuckergbergs identification, or it is Mark. He says the loan is from the treasury. This is the same gentleman who transferred me 100 grand into my bofa account only to have it sent back for being unarthorized and then they closed my account there. Brian Moynihan emailed me and I will post what he wrote below. I believe I remember him setting me up with an online account there. I also received a donation from Carlos Slim and Michael Bloomberg. I also have a bitcoin trade where I need to put 500 into a bitvault account for a plan and then they will transfer me 10 million in bitcoin from the security commission I will post of which is vital. I will answer my emails as well. I also have 30 some odd million in Santander U.K. as I spoke with their C.E.O about it. I need help on these issues.