Daily Archives: June 15, 2021

Currently working on domestic measures and will continue to do so. I will answer emails and call businesses. I will look for a ppp loan from my bank, the facebook diplomat wants to try again, I told him I need to video chat with him and need to know where the loan is coming from. Im creating a relationship advice for my webpage. Im also working on my brokerage and may have found a doner. I need to work with amazon web services because I think they have software that can help with this endeavor. I will look for businesses to work with on the internet and finish my letter to biden. I will also write to the state of pa about my business and unemployment compensation and tell them how I feel about needed to apply 20 times. Its a bit irritating and I dont want biden to be a mirror of what happened the last time they were in office. I enjoyed Trump because he talked about finances and money being in the bank. I may need to run for office but I need to finish my letter to Biden. Nothing against him but I believe our President needs to be about the green if you will. Im just starting to get used to it. My advise of the day is to work with linkedin for sales and business. Network on the site and build a business with the site and go through the options that you can do on there and I will after I write this. Also to get a amazon kindle and read the books on there. It is a must if you want to know about how the internet works. I cant explain how important a amazon kindle unlimited is. You can also work for me. I somehow receive a lot of views on my google business account and I need to work on that. Working for me you will be finding people to invest. You will also be writing for me as well.