I want to showcase my website and get it featured and get people to my site to buy my products.

We apparently secured funding for a 100 million dollar investment. Wish me luck to see it through. As I said I can do things as long as I dont need to pay for them. I may invest in stocks and my corporation as well as the foreign exchange and federal treasury bills. Its from Qatar. I will post some more listings on my website and the emails that I have that I need help with. Everyone wants these to be real because it would mean repatriation and capitalization of assets that I can share. Email is an important forum for ecommerce because the most money can be exchanged through email. I also have a donation from McKenzie Tuttle Jeff Bezos ex-wife I will post in here and I need help paying for that too. I also have a donation from Michael Bloomberg and Carlos Slim that I also need to pay for. Yes you must pay for donations. I also have a donation from Bill Gates that I also need to pay for. I will post the listings next.