Daily Archives: June 21, 2021


Today I am working on getting a grant from the government and we can also get you one if you wish. I am writing a letter to Biden, working on my ecommerce for my website, calling businesses and entities and closing sales. This is an inside look to my journal. I received an email from the irs commissioner about a federal bond. I will hire people from facebook and create another product. Goals move out into mansion and do real estate, Capitalize on one of these foreign exchanges, get a grant, write letter to Biden, work on ecommerce and create a website that sells. Gain a following, advertise work on your ad agency. We advertise for your business on all the major platforms. I do affiliate marketing and I sell your goods for you for a commission. I also freelance for your businesses and I have some investment options and I have a brokerage as well. I also write legislation and can include you into it. I also provide psychological advice and I consult and mentor. Advise of the day. You can check out my products on my products page and put money there. I am also getting other things to sell on my site as well. I am reordering it. Advise of the day. Work with linked in for sales for your business. Use their software to close sales on the site.