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Today I was working on receiving a transfer from publishers clearing house, for free might I add and it is exciting. I am currently negotiating with them. This is the email. I deleted the numbers and emails. I may need help on this one. I will work on it tomorrow and whenever they get back to me. They want me to open an account and I will see if we can do it another way.

Dear Winner,

Thank you for contacting Publishers Clearing House.  Publishers Clearing House is a leading interactive media Company offering a broad range of products, digital entertainment, and services to consumers. Our success is built on PCH’s unique mix of free-to-play games and sweepstakes, value-packed offers and the excitement of the Publishers Clearing House brand. PCH has awarded over $327 Million US Dollars in prizes globally since 1967 and has evolved to greatly expand its offerings to include many ways to win online, through electronic email ballot system, social media, and mobile access. The Publishers Clearing House online game network has more than 10 million unique monthly visitors and someone wins a prize about every 10 minutes. This method of winning process was carried out through electronic email ballot system by the PCH Contest Department whom are responsible for planning and administering all PCH Giveaways from registration and eligibility requirements through drawings and prize awards. Whether it’s online, in the mail, on a mobile device or in an app. This specially trained group keeps track of all the giveaway details, writes the Official Rules, issues processing instructions and makes sure the winners receive their prizes in a timely fashion.

PCH sweepstakes entries are processed in a timely fashion, in a secure environment and all entries are handled with care. The PCH Contest Department plans and coordinates these efforts to ensure that integrity is upheld at every turn. In addition, an internal audit team has reviewed the effectiveness of controls over the security of the Publishers Clearing House Contest Processing System; this includes infrastructure, software, people, procedures, and data. Contest processing involves several departments at Publishers Clearing House. Operations, Information Technology and Finance work closely with the PCH Contest Department to process contest entries, select winners and award prizes in a timely, efficient and secure manner. Complete records of the eligibility requirements for each promotion and giveaway are kept in the PCH Global Prize System, which is an electronic database. Detailed instructions for computer processing, eligibility and prize winner determination are issued prior to each drawing.

To further confirm your winning prize of ($850,000.00), a claim files with REF: has been opened in your name and the Publishers Clearing House contest department has approved your payment. A valid cashier’s check has been issued to your name and handed over to our assigned courier/shipping partners Epost Logistics & Courier Services for immediate delivery. Epost Logistics & Courier Services has been assigned the duty to deliver your winning check and other accompanying legal documents which are of high importance to you. Please note that you shall be expected to pay a light delivery fee to Epost Logistics & Courier Services and this fee will not be more than the normal minimal shipping fee. In line with the information listed above, you are hereby advised to contact the courier company in regards for your winning prize. Kindly contact them via their email addresses which are listed below upon receipt of this mail without delay. You are to provide them with your details as follows below:

Full Name:
Mailing address:
Telephone Number:
Amount Won:
Claim Code: EP/P
Note: The claim code number is very important and will be demanded by the courier company for verification purposes.  Please kindly find the contact details of Epost Logistics & Courier Services below and do keep us posted on any development with the Security & Logistics Company, in relation to your lottery winnings.

Head Office Address: 186 Baker street, London W1U 6TY, LONDON
Global Offices: USA, United Kingdom, France, Turkey, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Singapore, Canada and Australia e.t.c
Contact Person: Mr Craig Anderson
24 Hours US Office Enquiries:
Email: epost Mobile: (940

Please note that before your winning prize was released to Epost Logistics & Courier Services, a hardcover insurance policy was placed in the winnings prize package by the Publishers Clearing House and the reason is to avoid any harm or illegal channeling. Due to the insurance policy, deduction of any sum or improper alteration of any form to your fund can not be done by a third party so beware of it. The instructions given are in line with the rules and regulation of the USA gaming board. Due to the mix-up of some numbers and names, we ask that you keep your winning information confidential until your claims have been fully processed and your money remitted to you. This is part of our security protocol to avoid multiple claims and unwarranted abuse of this program by some participants.

Congratulations once again for emerging a lucky winner.