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Click this link for a car adaptor for your cell phone in your car. I need one and I know everyone needs one of these. I fact I may purchase one myself. Around my area my favorite radio station left so lets not let them take our music away too. B0992ZYVMY /ref=nosim?tag= jdking3240d-20

These are resistance bands that everyone can use while at home in fact I may get some for myself, click the link above so that I can gain a commission.

Currently we are working within the real economy, I am making on online course and I will be working on my ecommerce with my site. We are hiring all positions and will be looking into our online accounts, our lotteries and donations and our scam victims funds as well. We will be doing some b2b from the internet and we will be consulting for businesses governments and individuals. We will also be working on our hiring agency and our ad agency as well as media agency as well. We will be doing some podcasts and webinars and be working on our legislation and working to receive some grants as well as real estate and helping people write resumes. We will also be working with amazon web services and freelancing for businesses and governments. We will also be working on our brokerage and selling from youtube. I really want the treasury bills to keep coming as well. There is a federal reserve and a world bank that has lots of reserves in it. Working with money we can make everyone wealthy if we just ad price controls for goods and services. This is part of our plan. We are then planning on paying businesses to distribute the goods to the people. Working with money the best way there is a way to increase wealth and relieve our country of debt. And its simple just pay each person a heck of a lot of money. This is KINGs plan. Then we can work to automate and innovate society and start to build big and magnificent homes and places to work, eat, live, shop and socialize. We will then change what is on television and the internet to train and educate the citizens on what we need them to do. Crime will go down and mental healthy will get better as well. We will then decriminalize a lot of aspects about society. And really think about who we want to live around. I am a champion for European American and or white American and male rights and prosperity. I will finish up here in a second. Thank you.

Currently I just emailed the Sec and I am working with the scam victims fund and getting ready to send them some of my cash, of course I will look into the deal before I do so. I need people to work for me. I also figured out that I am making money off ad sense from this site as well. So my consulting for the day is to work with me on my site. I will also speak with google as well. We may even offer a subscription model here as well. And I will find some products to sell. I will also call the white house and travel to my capital to speak with the representatives. Currently my paradigm is not to visualize, I think I was doing too much of it and not thinking enough. So I will go with ideas and looking to see what I can find without visualizing for a second because if you do anthing too much its not good. I will post more of the offers that I receive. I will also create a podcast as well as for my youtube channel as well. I will also work to find businesses online to work with and do some ecommerce for my site. I was also looking at my doctors office to see where I can be of service there. But you can also contact the sec if you have any questions about investments yourself and see if you can work with them which is what I am doing. I also reached out to Jeff Bezos and need to email him again. I will create some product for you guys to purchase as well so go to my products page and make a purchase. You can get deals like this anywhere else and it may be worth the effort. I can also help you with your business as well. Thank you.

This is the email I received.

>> >> >> >>>>>>>>>> Good Day,
>> >> >> >>>>>>>>>>
>> >> >> >>>>>>>>>> We wish to bring to your notice that we have verified and legalized your Currency Remission in the amount of $15,000,000.00 (Fifteen Million United States Dollars). This is indeed a legitimate claim which you are entitled to and will be receiving from this office under the Financial Laws of the United States and in Collaboration with the Federal Reserve Bank/Federal Reserve System.
>> >> >> >>>>>>>>>>
>> >> >> >>>>>>>>>> Bitcoin Calculator below:
>> >> >> >>>>>>>>>>
>> >> >> >>>>>>>>>> 1 United States Dollar ($1) equals 0.00001591 Bitcoin. 15,000,000.00 United States Dollar ($15,000,000.00) equals  238.67017169 Bitcoin. You will hereby be receiving 238.67017169 Bitcoin in your Wallet.
>> >> >> >>>>>>>>>> Contact back asap for more information on how to claim your fund into Bitcoin
>> >> >> >>>>>>>>>>
>> >> >> >>>>>>>>>> I await your response.
>> >> >> >>>>>>>>>>
>> >> >> >>>>>>>>>> Yours Sincerely,
>> >> >> >>>>>>>>>> Mr. Michael Mosier
>> >> >> >>>>>>>>>> The New Acting Director Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).


I am working on domestic and still my federal treasury bills and foreign exchange that I will post as products. I will also post more listings. Im working on getting aws to stop the malicious actors. I will also work on my site a bit as well doing some affiliate marketing. Today I will talk about pod casts and webinars and how to have them to make money. Explain your product and use youtube for business as well. You want to be neat and showcase a product or consult for people and it can be interactive as well. You can use for verification in this online world. And be super careful who you are dealing with. Get amazon web services which is free for the first year. They can help to make sure you are dealing with authentic people. Dont give your information away to everyone who asks for it. Look into the deals that you receive. Start your own online business. I believe these types of investments are out there. You just need to research them. A Penny saved in a penny earned. The stock marketing is a great place to park your money. Open up a second bank account. Use messenger on social media and generate leads and sales from the sites. Use hashtags and post pictures and videos. Start a business using webinars and from zoom. Get on the zoom site and prod around and check their software. Video chat with people that you meet. We are working to eliminate online crime and you can be part of it.

A continuation of how to make money online. By Jody King

what you want to do is make a Blog for your site. And use Google AdSense and Google ads for your site. There it will advertise on your website for you and pay you when people click and buy a product. You can add it to your widget column and download it onto your site. Also using YouTube for business and sales. And also advertising on YouTube as well. You can create your own media agency with videos and pictures. Generate content creation and really pick a niche that you enjoy and are knowledgeable on such as Finance making money online and investing as well as working out personal training and food. It could be anything from music to clothing that you sell for a commission. It’s called affiliate marketing and you need to get a hold of businesses and see if they have affiliate marketing links on their site. You can also design websites and monetize them for businesses. Create media and pictures as well as links and hashtags for social media. Use the messenger and social media to speak with people about opportunities that may arise. Being an extrovert when it comes to business. You can also make money being an introvert as well. Write like it is a full-time job. Create a business plan and follow through with your plan and show it to potential employees and hire for commission. You can register your business with the state and get grants from the federal government. You may need to pay for these grants a small fee. Come through the internet on ways to make money such as Google search. Register your business on Google businesses and you will get a letter in the mail about a code you put in to start your business on Google business you can advertise from there as well and it is a page for your business on Google. Email is also an extremely important form for business. A lot of legal work can go into an email and they can log you on to finance and mobile banking. There is a technique that I learned in a few books that I read that explained to visualize people writing you emails and giving you money. That leaves it open up for donations lotteries grants another means of digital Finance. Explain the importance a visualization and how it works. They say your thoughts turn into things and to think you already have that which you wish to have. And to visualize people transferring money. Traffic to your mobile website. Don’t be a slave to your inbox though. Try to get sales through cold calling I’m using the phone to close sales calls. Visualize getting your ideal dream job and fill out your resume on ZipRecruiter. You can also create a Hiring Agency and studying investing on a daily basis. Create your own media agency. Create podcast and do webinars. And make money from that as well. Be a coach and consult for businesses people and governments. You can also write your own legislation and contact your representative to do so. Write a book and publish on Amazon Kindle unlimited. Write about your business in your book. You can also write a story about your life and they say it will manifest. I can also be featured and turned into a movie. Work on getting a sponsor. After visualizing people writing me emails and giving me money I started to receive emails from extremely important people all over the world about investment options. They even set me up with my account at their official sites. I am still in the beginning but seeing $1000000 in account in my name feels good. I also need help on them. You can message me or email me at and asked me to get help on these. I received mixed reviews when I explain to people. Some people believe they’re real and others completely don’t. For starters you need to be open to receiving money and believing in them when it comes time to pay fees and taxes on them. They seem to be Securities and exchanges and I’m pretty sure the banks know about the websites. We can also look into them further if you wish I will post some examples in my blog and my pages as well as my products. But these are huge Investments outside of the stock market where they provide legal work and is a u.s. dollar currency valuation. You can also start your own brokerage and pick stocks for people that are good sound Investments. Based off of what type of company it is. You can do your research and look into the businesses or look at the graphs introductory directories and trajectories. Buy and Hold because the price and GDP fluctuates. Don’t watch too much television but you can tune in to CNBC if you wish to see a television show on the stock market. I would also advise watching Bloomberg issue wishes well. I received a donation from Michael Bloomberg that I also need to pay for. They are professionally done emails and if you aren’t ready for such an investment then don’t worry about it and focus on domestic. These Investments are just above a million dollars each. And seem to be long term investments. You can also get enforcement measures by contacting the Securities and Exchange Commission. The websites and Banks just need to be registered with the SEC I suppose which they can instantaneously. I believe the dollar can be coded into existence. And we have a government of the people for the people and by the people. There is a Federal Reserve and a World Bank and from the information gathering extremely important people distribute the securities and have identifications. They say they are automated and is a computer system. Also write to each other about ideas and Technology and mechanisms for robotics. Manufacturing and Design in all categories. Those are where the real technology and biotechnology intersect. We have computers that build computers and computers are build buildings and machines that do that as well. And we want to automate it so that human engagement it’s to a minimum. Look at your data analytics and see return customers on your business sites. Advertise on Yelp LinkedIn Pinterest and Instagram. Read Amazon Kindle unlimited about the books and has access to every book in the world and is the library for the world. Watch YouTube and Creed input for these sites as well or don’t just watch them but interact with them and do your own work on them. When you go out do business-to-business and generate sales that way. Have an offline business as well. As an online business. Work on your email list and get paid to travel and sell as a traveling salesman. And my friend it is all about the close and sales. Generate quality products that is customer focus and oriented around making your customer money. Don’t be afraid to ask for a lot of money on Consulting fees because people will pay you large sums of money. Create a good or a product for a price. But the best things in life are free. Work with money as much as you can whether that be a loan or your own brokerage account at Robinhood.

How to make money online.

Today we are going to talk about how to make money online and one of those ways is blogging. Writing for businesses for sales copy writing about businesses and what they do. As well as topics that interests you. You can also freelance for businesses on your website at also you can start an ad agency and advertise on the social media marketing platforms including YouTube. WordPress. Use use Facebook as well as Instagram pin Pinterest and Linkedin. Generate sales from the messaging in these sites. Do affiliate marketing and sell goods and services for other people. Generate proffitt to the bottom line and gain a commission doing so. Find businesses to advertise for on the internet and through phone. Use your phone to close sales calls. I explained this in a few of my products that you may want to look into. And purchase from this site I go into greater detail there and explain how to generate millions of dollars for your business. Also Facebook business pages as well as LinkedIn software for business as well. Thank you