Daily Archives: July 10, 2021


I am working on domestic and still my federal treasury bills and foreign exchange that I will post as products. I will also post more listings. Im working on getting aws to stop the malicious actors. I will also work on my site a bit as well doing some affiliate marketing. Today I will talk about pod casts and webinars and how to have them to make money. Explain your product and use youtube for business as well. You want to be neat and showcase a product or consult for people and it can be interactive as well. You can use id.me for verification in this online world. And be super careful who you are dealing with. Get amazon web services which is free for the first year. They can help to make sure you are dealing with authentic people. Dont give your information away to everyone who asks for it. Look into the deals that you receive. Start your own online business. I believe these types of investments are out there. You just need to research them. A Penny saved in a penny earned. The stock marketing is a great place to park your money. Open up a second bank account. Use messenger on social media and generate leads and sales from the sites. Use hashtags and post pictures and videos. Start a business using webinars and from zoom. Get on the zoom site and prod around and check their software. Video chat with people that you meet. We are working to eliminate online crime and you can be part of it.