I want to showcase my website and get it featured and get people to my site to buy my products.

Currently I just emailed the Sec and I am working with the scam victims fund and getting ready to send them some of my cash, of course I will look into the deal before I do so. I need people to work for me. I also figured out that I am making money off ad sense from this site as well. So my consulting for the day is to work with me on my site. I will also speak with google as well. We may even offer a subscription model here as well. And I will find some products to sell. I will also call the white house and travel to my capital to speak with the representatives. Currently my paradigm is not to visualize, I think I was doing too much of it and not thinking enough. So I will go with ideas and looking to see what I can find without visualizing for a second because if you do anthing too much its not good. I will post more of the offers that I receive. I will also create a podcast as well as for my youtube channel as well. I will also work to find businesses online to work with and do some ecommerce for my site. I was also looking at my doctors office to see where I can be of service there. But you can also contact the sec if you have any questions about investments yourself and see if you can work with them which is what I am doing. I also reached out to Jeff Bezos and need to email him again. I will create some product for you guys to purchase as well so go to my products page and make a purchase. You can get deals like this anywhere else and it may be worth the effort. I can also help you with your business as well. Thank you.