Daily Archives: July 23, 2021

Currently we are working within the real economy, I am making on online course and I will be working on my ecommerce with my site. We are hiring all positions and will be looking into our online accounts, our lotteries and donations and our scam victims funds as well. We will be doing some b2b from the internet and we will be consulting for businesses governments and individuals. We will also be working on our hiring agency and our ad agency as well as media agency as well. We will be doing some podcasts and webinars and be working on our legislation and working to receive some grants as well as real estate and helping people write resumes. We will also be working with amazon web services and freelancing for businesses and governments. We will also be working on our brokerage and selling from youtube. I really want the treasury bills to keep coming as well. There is a federal reserve and a world bank that has lots of reserves in it. Working with money we can make everyone wealthy if we just ad price controls for goods and services. This is part of our plan. We are then planning on paying businesses to distribute the goods to the people. Working with money the best way there is a way to increase wealth and relieve our country of debt. And its simple just pay each person a heck of a lot of money. This is KINGs plan. Then we can work to automate and innovate society and start to build big and magnificent homes and places to work, eat, live, shop and socialize. We will then change what is on television and the internet to train and educate the citizens on what we need them to do. Crime will go down and mental healthy will get better as well. We will then decriminalize a lot of aspects about society. And really think about who we want to live around. I am a champion for European American and or white American and male rights and prosperity. I will finish up here in a second. Thank you.