Daily Archives: August 6, 2021

Current standings.

Currently we are hiring all positions. This is a letter to employees. We need to find people to invest. We also have an ad agency and we write legislation. We also have some online courses you may be interested in. We have a brokerage and we do foreign exchange and federal treasury bills. They even set us up with our own online accounts at their official sites. I need help to pay the fees and taxes. We also need enforcement. I will post about them next. We also freelance for businesses and write about them. We also consult for businesses people and governments. We also sell payment processors and do affiliate marketing. We also help people with relationships and psychology. We do a little bit of everything. We also am planning on receiving grants and doing weather modification. We will create some digital products and will write emails and work on our email list. We are also planning on getting unemployment benefits and we help people get benefits. We are hiring all positions and we dont want to look at it so much as sales as helping people. We are also planning on doing real estate and some satelites.