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I am working on my online course. And I will create products for you. But I am hiring all positions. I am not an octopus I need people helping me with my business. Although it is possible to work as a soloprenuer I would enjoy to video chat with zoom with a few of you. I am still working on my online accounts. I have so much money in digital assets that I need help looking into. I posted about the sites earlier on and I will for you my reader. Because this is my private site that will catapolt you to victory and teach you all you need to know. But however I need paid. I paid for the information and do it just to help me. I have some products where you can pay for me to invest for you. I will work like a bank, We can discuss what we will be investing in. I will post some stock picks as well. But dont be afraid to contact me. I will give you assignments already so that you can get to work immediately. We need to find people to invest in our ventures. And we can invest in the stock market for them with our brokerage and explain to them we may want to invest in our securities and exchanges as well but they are a bit riskier with potential payout above and beyond anything they can every imagine. I wouldnt mind giving you guys my log in information if I can trust you. I will post it in another post. These are where you can find my online accounts. You cant do anything because we need to pay fees and taxes on them. They said I shouldnt give out my log in information but if you message me and speak with me I will show you. These are a few of the websites that have millions of dollars in them. If you email me I can show you the log in and time is of the essence with these. So just message me and we can look into them immediately. But go to my products page and purchase an investing product and we can get stated.



pinretrievaldept@fdrescrow.org  Tue, May 25, 3:20 AM (6 days ago)    
to me   


Federal Reserve Bank of New York 

Escrow Online Banking Information; Password Recovery Request Granted: 

Website: www.fdrescrow.org/fr 






Please follow the transfer instruction as stated below carefully to transfer your funds into your nominated bank account. Kindly log onto your Internet and type or copy the link correctly https://imperialcreditbnk.com/za/online/user/login.php  when open, type in your online account information as stated below: 

These are websites that you can log on and see the money. The federal government wants these to be real and can probably make them real for repatriation so that I can work on my business.  

I also have a Bitcoin