Daily Archives: August 28, 2021

This is a link to my author page. Please check it out and buy some books of mine. My writing will improve once I get some feedback from you. I will work tirelessy to provide you with the best content. In my most recent book, I give the log in details to my sites. And boy do I go in depth and post my journals.


I also just paid for my bitcoin deal, so if that comes through I will be set. I will also write the story about my life that they say helps you manifest. And I will show that to you as well. You can do the same and people may eventually make it into a movie or series. I will also post my youtube podcast as well. I will also have a webinar on zoom as well. I will start to advertise my books. Which is what you should do. You can write for me, I need a ghost writer and a freelancer. I will also look into that with fiverr. My virtual assistant gig is working well. The guy is a beast I am working with. I am also working on my brokerage as well. I will post more about what we are planning on investing in and one of my products allows you personally to invest in the ventures. I will also post about the other offers that I have received. I will also advertise on twitter. For some unknown reason I got kicked off Linkedin, Im not sure if it is a mistake or Bill Gates. Which reminds me of the emails Bill Gates sent me. I litterally did nothing wrong. It is freedom of speech. What am I just not allowed to use linked in now. WTF is that. That is something that would happen to me under a democrat in office. For some reason the music was better under trump, but if under Biden, I make it, I can say music being bad isnt all that bad its just bad music. Its like socialism. And my god nothing could have been so bad as it was under obama. There is nothing like everyone working against you and no one helping you like now. I may eventually run for office. We need to elect good people to office.