Todays agenda.

I want to showcase my website and get it featured and get people to my site to buy my products.

Currently we need to recall some funding that was given to us by an associate and once we do we can get back to making money. I am going to not invest in the mega deals. I will in the stock market. I will also call the fed about opening up an account. I will start to work on my business. I am hiring all positions. We will do and work on our brokerage and I will be a virtual assistant. I will work on ecommerce and ad agency. I will consult and tutor and make online courses. I will also invest for people. So I need to track down some funding today and such. I am taking a break in investing in the major funds but you guys can if you want to, I will post about them. They are a bit more risky but the proposed payout is tremendous. Bitvault asked me for more money again. We may need to look into them. I will show you the legal work they sent me. This can be my site as is. Ashley Biden got a hold of me on google hangouts. She wants to hang out if its her. She provides cover within this administration. Other than that I was disheartened by what happened at my bank again. I will fix it. I will also work on affiliate marketing and advertising my site. This is my agenda. I need to call cash app and get some cash back. I will keep you posted. I will post a podcast as well. I havent been posting recently, I can work from my site. Message me if interested. Thanks.