Daily Archives: September 12, 2021

Today I am working on getting my money back from the transfer procedure. I am also working on web design and making websites for people businesses and governments. I will work incrementally and work to keep my account at wells. I will also make vidoes, podcasts, and webinars for youtube and my site. I will also work on getting a grant and writing legislation. I am also working on my online course. I am also working on my brokerage and as a virtual assistant. I will also work with zoom and the affiliate marketplace and answer emails. I will also work with the phone book and consulting for businesses people and governments. I will also work to sell payment processors and work on my ad agency and closing sales. I will focus on money and say affirmation such as I have a business that generates millions of dollars and I find money wherever I go. That I am good at sales and everyone will give me large sums of money. That I have an email that fills up with offers and I receive money through all vessels. I will also work with the affiliate marketplace and create information products and will create sales copy and freelance for businesses governments and individuals. Study coding and investing on a daily basis. Create an online and offline business. Be your own drill Sargent and solve your own problems. Coach yourself and be a life coach and a consultant. We also help people with relationships. And grants are available and we need help getting grants as well. This is our online course and our business plan to employees. Use youtube for business and you can eventually get paid to do so. Create vlogs and webinars as well as podcasts.