I want to showcase my website and get it featured and get people to my site to buy my products.

Today we are going to talk about ways to make money on the internet and one of the ways is to start an online course and coach people. By getting a wordpress site and selling products from your webpage weather that would be information products or goods and services. Realize sales is what makes the world go around. People will give you large sums of money. Do the affiliate market place for ebay and sell their products for a commission. Sell online or in place and you can close with phone calls. You can also write your own legislation and receive grants. There are tons of grants available for individuals and businesses. Do door to door and b2b. Sell with linkedin and facebook business pages. Advertise goods or services for a commission. Freelance for businesses and do web design. Practice coding and study investing on a daily basis. Start a brokerage. Generate views by advertising on google. Use youtube for business. Create podcasts and webinars and charge a fee. Do copy writing. We at King are hiring all positions. I will also post about my investments that I have currently that I need help with. I will also post on social media. And I advise getting a facebook business page. And scheduling appointments from there. Remember sales is what makes the world go around. Work on communication or means to communicate to a broad audience. Package your products appropriately. Work from your website. Get people to help on your site. Advertise your site. Get a google business page and work from there. Provide a quality good or service and do the right thing. I am also a life coach. And I am here to tell you that we have offers to become millionaires over night. We just need to pay fees and get enforcement measures to make sure they pay when they say they will. And you can work for me.