I want to showcase my website and get it featured and get people to my site to buy my products.

I will continue to work until I cant anymore. I will create products for my investments. I am in a bit of a bind currently because someone had me cash a check and send the money out and then the check bounced. So I need to somehow find some money asap. I will work on getting a grant and sell my investments. I will also work on my ad agency and media agency as well. I will work with ebay affiliates as well as affiliate marketing. I will also work on my online course and coaching and consulting products. I enjoy my website and am striving to get a lot of views, but I need to advertise first. I will also write some legislation and work on weather modification. And make some webinars and podcasts. I will help people with relationships and network with you the reader. My business is called the King Organization Corporation. I may eventually file on the nyse. I have a 32 billion dollar investment that I need help with. It came back I am so happy. I need to call zelle and get a new account if I want to work as a virtual assistant. I just dont want it to effect my corporation. I will also work on my weather modification business that will save our country billions of dollars for infrastucture damage and coastal region loss and recovery. I believe it also filters out damaging stimuli. As well as vital water that we now have access to regularly here in the east because I have been working on my business there for a little while. I will write to Scott Perry to put forth my legislation and I can work on that here. I will show you guys what I am sending to him. For starters I need help on my trade deals and negotiations. They are professionally done and I will post them in my products. They are securities and exchanges. I will post the emails that I receive, and I could also use a job with the federal government. I may also run for office. I wanted to create millioniares for each person in the united states, and have price controls for inflation on goods and services. Then we will create grants in the millions of dollars. We are also going to pay businesses to develop products but we will change our system because it is a government the reflects and is of the people. We will also pay businesses to develope things the people need and it will be more centralized spanning to every citizen. I studied political science at college. And I enjoy the fact there is a world bank. And from one of my products I explain how to receive the offers on your own. I also read several books on amazon about the importance of email and what can be done, considering all the money that can be exchanged through email and the legal work that can be put inside. However I need help from the fed and municipals on cleaning up the internet from thieves and criminals. So working for me and this will be part of our online course, we need to find people to invest in our ventures. And I will do that as well. As I said I am hiring all positions. And will create a

product for you so you can get started. I also do web design and create websites for people and have an agency doing so. I also help people with relationships. I also consult for businesses people and governments and am a life coach. I wanted to write some legislation that will create multimillionaires all over and we need to think if this form of government we have will help us. For starters I wanted to build big and magnificent real estate in the country side and suburbs as well. Homes that connect to one another and have megatropolises where people work eat live and socialize. Possibly eco friendly homes and feats of engineering prowless. We will also change business structures with our government. It will be a government of the people. And we will train the people for the needs of society and automate work where we can.