I want to showcase my website and get it featured and get people to my site to buy my products.

I am getting ready to receive a transfer. I am looking into grants currently. I am answering emails and looking into my deals. I will find buyers for my investments once I figure out if there real. I will look into bitvault investment and my other online accounts. I will go through my emails and I can take you along with this journey. I will write a book about my life and business. I will code and create podcasts and webinars. I need your help. I need you to look into these grants and fill me out one. I also help people get benefits. I will look into deals to make sure they are real and then I will post the investments. I will look for businesses on the internet to consult and sell payment processors to and advertise for. I will focus on the 80/20 rule. I will hire for commission. Email jodydanielking7@gmail.com or text 7175038637. We have potential to be millionaires. I need people to write for me. I also want to call the white house today. I will go through my emails as well. I will code further and I advise you do the same thing that I do. Practice magic and magic money. Manifest money miracles. People will give you large sums of money. Say affirmations such as people will email me and give me large sums of money and I receive money through all vessels on the internet and my corporation is a billion dollar business. That making money is easy and comes easily to me. That I find money wherever I go and am really good at sales. That people listen to me and have my best intentions at heart. That people will transfer me large sums of money and I see it happening and I visualize it. I have thought images and a good imagination that allows me to see what it is I want. See yourself living your dream life and living in your dream house in your ideal relationship with friends and relatives all around with plenty of help from people. See people coming to your house and bringing you all you wish and using attraction in this way. Visualize material matter as wells as the people that you wish to see. Its like downloading and base it off of reality. See yourself living in a multiverse where anything that can be imagined is. Get in a relationship because you can visualize pretty good when you are with someone in an organized manner. Believe good beliefs because what you believe tends to be the truth. Hallucinate and day dream. Then build to world that you wish to live in. See it first and then you do it. And use your creative imagination to come up with good ideas. Get in the zone and use momentum. Have a dopplerganger or several of them or a digital avatar image of yourself like you are playing a video game or watching your own movie like your life is a movie. Act the part and act successful. Be your own drill sargant and coach. These are the steps people who have gotten there use. There is scientific evidence that these techniques work. Life is far from helpless. Move out if you have to. Work with me and my business. Get in a regimin and take pride in your work. Be excited about your work and business. Be a brand new you with new opportunities and bourn again. Entertain your successful ambitions and realize that it may actually happen for you. And it is happening now. Feel like you have trillions of dollars. Associate with people who spurr your creativity. Email your college and ask for workers. And ways you may be able to teach or make money from your college. Really live the life. Take time to get to know people and have conversations with them. Get their phone number when you see them in public and create an area for you guys to hang out. Find things to do together and run a business together. See yourself living in the multiverse as a visualization and that it may be real in your future. See yourself living your dream life and it will manifest. In a galaxy far away, as above so below. Know people dont know what you are thinking. Telepathy isnt real and can be used to damage your mind. So people dont know what you are thinking. Although things react to your mind, you want privacy when it comes to your thoughts. See people as being similar or a twin of you if you will. If you think about it, we have more in common than orginally thought. Its silvas mind control. See yourself with bank account with an atm card that you can withdraw money from and what you will be spending on. Keep track of what you will spend your money on once you receive it and keep track of your finances. Manifest as you read. Create websites for people and help me do it here at King. That is what we do. And we are good at doing it for different people. Take advice and get help from the other you in the multiverse. Open your mind to see things that you want. And give the real estate directions on all side of you. When you see people around your neighborhood or at the gas station say hi and stay to have a conversation. You dont need to be in and out of everywhere you go. Stay and collect contact information from people. Look at them as being twins. but a bit different. What you focus on you get more of. I will be back I will post about my investments that I will find if they are real or not.