I want to showcase my website and get it featured and get people to my site to buy my products.
FedEx Courier service LtdMon, Sep 27, 11:54 AM (3 days ago)
to bcc: me

FedEx Shipping Center
51 20th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232, United States
Attn:You still have available time to claim your “Unclaimed Package” which has been in custody of your FedEx Branch Office. Send the fee and all the delivery details will be sent to you for immediate claiming of your package. We don’t accept Bank Payments from now, only gift Cards are accepted.
Thank You
Yours Sincerely,
Mr George Lee.
Operations Manager

BMW AUTO MOBILEMon, Sep 27, 7:00 AM (3 days ago)
to bcc: me

Dear Lucky Winner,

Your winning Certificate and other papers attached to your winning BMW, cash winning and Apple Laptop are all getting to expire. All the documents will expire very soon and won’t be renewed to your name again rather changed to someone else. You have from now to send the Official fee then receive your belongings without delay, failure to do so will leave no other option than to cancel your Documents and change the name to someone else.

James Gilliard

Bank of America.
Phone number (202) 217-7116.
150 Broadway, New York, NY 10038, United States.

Attention: Jody King,

Below are the required log information.

Login Page: http://boambks-001-site1.dtempurl.com

Customer ID: 87075912001
Password: Tictac11

When you have verified the activeness of your account, then kindly get back to us to credit/top up your total fund okay, then you can start immediate transfers to your accounts or to that of friends and relatives.

Mr. Paul Andrew Fox

I am posting my log in and information so you can see it. I emailed him to get further verification from him. Please dont do anything with the site. This is part of my work and my personal investment.

My Account (bit-vaultinvest.com)

This is my bitvault account that I need to pay 300 dollars for.

JPMorgan Chase BankSat, Sep 25, 6:51 AM (5 days ago)
to bcc: me

Dear Customer, What is going on? I have not heard from you and I will appreciate to hear from you today to ensure immediate conclusion of your transaction. Reply immediately.