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These are some things you may like on ebay.

Ways to make money on the internet.

Start an online business. Work for me here at King. Start a web design business. Look for businesses to do business with online. Advertise on social media, sell products online. Set up an email list. This is my business plan and to do list. Get grant, make youtube video, sell products on youtube. Sell payment processors online. Reach out to people with linkedin and facebook business pages. Find a product to sell and get good at selling it. Become expert and close with sales calls. Provide a good or service for a price. Delegate some tasks. Work with your family and hire for commission. Take your time and have patients but do things quickly. Sell information for a price. Use google searches and set up affiliate ecommerce store. Work on your ad and media agency and get in a regimen. Visualize life as you wish it to be. With thought images and using telekinesis. As well as magic and magic money. Feel like you have trillions of dollars. It is a vibration and you can feel things into existence. Create an online business. Selling products or services to people. And change up what you do during the day. Close with phone calls. Focus on the 80/20 rule focusing on the most important tasks. Do door to door. Say affirmations such as people will give me large sums of money and I receive offers through email. That I will be included with government stimulus packages and people care about my success. That I come up with good business ideas and I use action to carry out a plan.