I want to showcase my website and get it featured and get people to my site to buy my products.

Currently we are going to be working for rob and I am speaking with a gentleman who says he is joe biden. I also will answer emails and work on my online business. I still have an account at bitforte we can do anytime. That has a roi of 1.3 million dollars if we capitalize on it. I am getting dismayed because a gentleman messed up my wells fargo account because he had me cash a check and then the check bounced. The check shouldnt have gone through at the bank if it wasnt a good check. So I am going to speak with them about it unless I can find 900 dollars. I will talk to stacy and maria about the potential transfers they want to make. This is documentation of my finances. I need to call the chex system to make sure I can still open an account at one of the major banks. I shouldnt have to pay anything really since it was all apparent criminals who were acting like they were government officials. And all the investments are still pending. I believe they are what people discribe as treasury notes. I will go through my messages now. This who legal and note legal discussions are out of the window at the point. If there are this many apparent criminals on the internet than who can we really trust. I am going to surf for a bit. Remember this is my corporation and you are officially hired.