Daily Archives: November 9, 2021

Today I will focus on domestic and the selling of goods and services. I have a science sector and I do weather modification and plan on writing some legislation. I also do web design and have an ad agency. I thought the emails were treasury bills and foreign exchange. I also consult and am a life coach. I am here to tell you not to stress. Stress just makes conditions worst. Think about things you want to happen. Your thoughts turn into things. We may be living in a virtual world were we are all computers that can be coded. We may be living in a simulation. Only for peoples safety. We may also be living in a multiverse. I will get help on my investments and I will start a brokerage. I will also look for a grant. I will sell products and do affiliate marketing for products that businesses sell. I also have an online course. I also help people with relationships and am a personal trainer. I am hiring all positions. I will also work on my legislation. Amazon kindle unlimited has extremely good books on there that explain the way the world works. Amazon also has aws which codes and helps people with businesses. They also have an affiliate marketplace and amazon business where you can sell your goods on their site. They do cloud for the government and you can write books and sell them on the site. You usually need to advertise your book and do book art with Fiverr. They freelance for businesses and explain the way the world works. They also help with psychology and they have amazon turk which I need to read about some more. Not to mention they can deliver products directly to your home with very low prices. I enjoy the books because they give you ideas on how to make money on the internet. It completely opens up the internet and is better than a google search in some instances. You can also write paperbacks and order paperback books as well. He sells books to all of the schools since I was in grade school. It doesnt focus on pictures but rather information. They may have more information than the federal government. They have highly intelligent books which literally saved my life. All this information has come from amazon. Im sure they have other areas on their site as well. It was what I was missing for my entire life. Thank you.