Monthly Archives: December 2021

I just found out one of my sites is real we need 300 dollars to pay for legal work if you feel like helping me. Its at I will show you the legal work if you message me. It has 8 million in it. Other than that I am working on getting a grant and my pua. I also have another site that I spoke with microsoft about and they said it was real. I need help affording the legalwork. Thank you.

I am working on securing my grant and I am working on my affiliate marketplace for my site. I will work on my online course and my advertising agency. I am hiring all positions and I am a life coach. I am making a product and working on my brokerage. I have a science sector and am making a report for the fed. We also do weather modification and write legislation. My advice of the day is to start an online business and sell in place. Research the online environment for ways to make money. Use the scientific method and visualize. I am creating a report for the fed. Come and work with us and for us. You will be finding people to invest in our ventures. I will keep my investments private for now. I am also working on my media agency as well. I will work on my affiliate market place here as well. Who is in office is very important. I enjoyed president trumps policies. Lets keep this term to 4 years and get another republican back in there. I may also run for office.