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Today I am working on getting my money back from the transfer procedure. I am also working on web design and making websites for people businesses and governments. I will work incrementally and work to keep my account at wells. I will also make vidoes, podcasts, and webinars for youtube and my site. I will also work on getting a grant and writing legislation. I am also working on my online course. I am also working on my brokerage and as a virtual assistant. I will also work with zoom and the affiliate marketplace and answer emails. I will also work with the phone book and consulting for businesses people and governments. I will also work to sell payment processors and work on my ad agency and closing sales. I will focus on money and say affirmation such as I have a business that generates millions of dollars and I find money wherever I go. That I am good at sales and everyone will give me large sums of money. That I have an email that fills up with offers and I receive money through all vessels. I will also work with the affiliate marketplace and create information products and will create sales copy and freelance for businesses governments and individuals. Study coding and investing on a daily basis. Create an online and offline business. Be your own drill Sargent and solve your own problems. Coach yourself and be a life coach and a consultant. We also help people with relationships. And grants are available and we need help getting grants as well. This is our online course and our business plan to employees. Use youtube for business and you can eventually get paid to do so. Create vlogs and webinars as well as podcasts.

Todays agenda.

Currently we need to recall some funding that was given to us by an associate and once we do we can get back to making money. I am going to not invest in the mega deals. I will in the stock market. I will also call the fed about opening up an account. I will start to work on my business. I am hiring all positions. We will do and work on our brokerage and I will be a virtual assistant. I will work on ecommerce and ad agency. I will consult and tutor and make online courses. I will also invest for people. So I need to track down some funding today and such. I am taking a break in investing in the major funds but you guys can if you want to, I will post about them. They are a bit more risky but the proposed payout is tremendous. Bitvault asked me for more money again. We may need to look into them. I will show you the legal work they sent me. This can be my site as is. Ashley Biden got a hold of me on google hangouts. She wants to hang out if its her. She provides cover within this administration. Other than that I was disheartened by what happened at my bank again. I will fix it. I will also work on affiliate marketing and advertising my site. This is my agenda. I need to call cash app and get some cash back. I will keep you posted. I will post a podcast as well. I havent been posting recently, I can work from my site. Message me if interested. Thanks.

This is a link to my author page. Please check it out and buy some books of mine. My writing will improve once I get some feedback from you. I will work tirelessy to provide you with the best content. In my most recent book, I give the log in details to my sites. And boy do I go in depth and post my journals.

I also just paid for my bitcoin deal, so if that comes through I will be set. I will also write the story about my life that they say helps you manifest. And I will show that to you as well. You can do the same and people may eventually make it into a movie or series. I will also post my youtube podcast as well. I will also have a webinar on zoom as well. I will start to advertise my books. Which is what you should do. You can write for me, I need a ghost writer and a freelancer. I will also look into that with fiverr. My virtual assistant gig is working well. The guy is a beast I am working with. I am also working on my brokerage as well. I will post more about what we are planning on investing in and one of my products allows you personally to invest in the ventures. I will also post about the other offers that I have received. I will also advertise on twitter. For some unknown reason I got kicked off Linkedin, Im not sure if it is a mistake or Bill Gates. Which reminds me of the emails Bill Gates sent me. I litterally did nothing wrong. It is freedom of speech. What am I just not allowed to use linked in now. WTF is that. That is something that would happen to me under a democrat in office. For some reason the music was better under trump, but if under Biden, I make it, I can say music being bad isnt all that bad its just bad music. Its like socialism. And my god nothing could have been so bad as it was under obama. There is nothing like everyone working against you and no one helping you like now. I may eventually run for office. We need to elect good people to office.

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I am working on my online course. And I will create products for you. But I am hiring all positions. I am not an octopus I need people helping me with my business. Although it is possible to work as a soloprenuer I would enjoy to video chat with zoom with a few of you. I am still working on my online accounts. I have so much money in digital assets that I need help looking into. I posted about the sites earlier on and I will for you my reader. Because this is my private site that will catapolt you to victory and teach you all you need to know. But however I need paid. I paid for the information and do it just to help me. I have some products where you can pay for me to invest for you. I will work like a bank, We can discuss what we will be investing in. I will post some stock picks as well. But dont be afraid to contact me. I will give you assignments already so that you can get to work immediately. We need to find people to invest in our ventures. And we can invest in the stock market for them with our brokerage and explain to them we may want to invest in our securities and exchanges as well but they are a bit riskier with potential payout above and beyond anything they can every imagine. I wouldnt mind giving you guys my log in information if I can trust you. I will post it in another post. These are where you can find my online accounts. You cant do anything because we need to pay fees and taxes on them. They said I shouldnt give out my log in information but if you message me and speak with me I will show you. These are a few of the websites that have millions of dollars in them. If you email me I can show you the log in and time is of the essence with these. So just message me and we can look into them immediately. But go to my products page and purchase an investing product and we can get stated.  Tue, May 25, 3:20 AM (6 days ago)    
to me   


Federal Reserve Bank of New York 

Escrow Online Banking Information; Password Recovery Request Granted: 


Please follow the transfer instruction as stated below carefully to transfer your funds into your nominated bank account. Kindly log onto your Internet and type or copy the link correctly  when open, type in your online account information as stated below: 

These are websites that you can log on and see the money. The federal government wants these to be real and can probably make them real for repatriation so that I can work on my business.  

I also have a Bitcoin

This is a payment processor that I sell. Message me if interested so that I can get a sale. it accepts all major credit cards and is a money making machine and software. You can use it on the go with your cell phone. It has data analytics and samsung and apple pay. Message me for yours today!

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This email is from Kristalina Georgieva google left no warnings and checks thoroughly message me if interested.

Your silence is kind of shocking to this office, are you aware that we have completed the verification of your details for the claiming of your fund 10.3musd fund as the  regulation requires? if we must proceed with your delivery, then you must keep frequent reply to this office’ this is a Ministry and there are certain rules to be followed in order for your delivery not to may have any problem in reaching you as already programmed meanwhile after our meeting today, it has been decided that you either claim this fund or as the fund owner order the  termination of this delivery and lose the fund for us to ordered it back to the Government Reserves Account as an unclaimed fund, I really wish you to claim this fund but not with  the character you have showed to us so far which simply means you are willing to let this 10.3musd your unclaimed to be terminated completely.

Please note: this morning after our meeting where we submitted your files for the fund claim and its approval, the Board now want you to send to us your scan signature which will allow us to terminate the fund if you are not ready to meet up the requirement for the stamp duty fee which is $115 meant to be send via iTune or Apple card

I emailed you several times and you did not respond and I feel you are ready to lose it, if you have had or been affected by the fraud in Africa or here in the state, I want you to know today that this is the chance you have to receive your only approved fund here in Washington DC and to be honest with you you were just unlucky to lost the money you lost  because you dealt with impostors and now you have a great chance which I want you to try trusting my word for the last time to enable us get this done as soon as possible, please decide today and let us know for me to know my stand.

Thank you for your understanding while I am waiting for the $115 Apple card payment slip soon

Yours sincerely
Mrs. Kristalina Georgieva
Director IMF Washington DC