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Citibank of Toronto Ontario Canada.
123 Front Street West, Suite 1900
Toronto, Ontario M5J 2M3
Transaction Reference No.: 040TTE054639HSBC.

Attention Customer,

This is to inform you that we received your complete information for transfer of your unclaimed fund valued at the sum of US$44,000,000.00 to you.

To start with, we are deeply sorry for the bad experiences meted out to you regarding your unclaimed fund in the past.

This payment is called ” PAYMENT AWARD ” initiated by WORLD BANK ASSISTED PROGRAM to innocent creditors like you as a result of poor payment management , hence (CITIBANK), TORONTO ONTARIO CANADA, have taken over the payment process seriously.

Please find the attached beneficiary wire transfer sheet which you are required to fill and have it emailed back to this reputable bank. The WIRE TRANSFER SHEET needs to be filled accordingly for the purpose of court stamping/notarization. Upon completion of the filled form, and the stamping done in court, we shall initial contact with your bankers based on the information provided.

Please note that your payment is wire transfer and your bank must be involved to restore trust, confidentiality and swift transfer, also be informed that all relevant documents shall be provided to you and are the same to your bank as proof of payment.

This is WORLD BANK intervention program, therefore, Due process must be followed with transparency and accountability as (CITIBANK), TORONTO ONTARIO CANADA is one of the leading banks.

In realization to your award fund payment transfer, we have liaised with all relevant ministries, bank and agencies responsible for your fund payment approval and transfer, to know how much charges you will pay before transfer your award fund valued the above amount and to that effect, we have calculated all the charges you will pay to cost you the sum of US$1,000.00(One Thousand United States Dollars only).

Do also let us know how you prefer to send the transfer processing charges, through a bank account or money gram or PayPal, so that we will immediately give you the information for your urgent follow up and prompt issuing of the transfer to your local bank account.

Kindly fill the wire FORM and return, see attachment.

John Hastings
Citibank Canada.