Eco Bank

I want to showcase my website and get it featured and get people to my site to buy my products.


This is the email that has 45 million dollars for me. And they say we just need to pay them 25, as I said I am open with my stuff, its open source. So if you wanted to fund it let me know. I will also sent them money but it eco bank, and I asked for verification and they also gave it to me I just didnt look into it because I was busy. They also set me up with an online account. I will know if anyone trys to divert it. Because I speak with them daily. But we need to negotiate this one as well and have some sort of enforcement measure so that when they say they will pay they will actually pay. We may need to get ahold of their bank through phone for verification and enforcement measures. I just emailed them and asked for their work address and phone number. I already sent them 50 bucks. This is why I need feedback before I start throwing money places. If you emails them tell them that you can pay the 25 dollars and jody and I will split it. It is a delegated task. However you must be a trusted Partner.