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Welcome to Chase Bank, New York.
Address: 270 Park Ave, New York, NY 10017
Foreign Reserve Escrow Account Officer.
Tel:  (+ 1754

Attention Dear Beneficiary:. 

This is to inform you that all the required documents accompanying your ATM CARD are in the package which the FEDEX COURIER service has packaged in the bag ready to be dispatched to your destination. The amount specified to be withdrawn daily is $20,000.00 and the total amount that was loaded in the ATM CARD is the sum of $12,700,000,000.00.According to the issuing Bank the Chase Bank,you can use the ATM CARD at any ATM CASH point anywhere in the world,as it is an international Swift ATM CARD.

We required you reconfirm the following information below so that he can deliver your ATM Card to you today.
NAME: ======================================================================
ADDRESS: ===================================================================
MOBILE NO.:=================================================================
NAME OF YOUR NEAREST AIRPORT:===============================================
A COPY OF YOUR IDENTIFICATION :=============================================

Right now,I am just coming from the FEDEX COURIER office and your package is ready to go. but they have demanded a dispatch fee of $50 for the dispatch.And i do not have any money here to pay so that your ATM CARD and all other documents will be delivered to you.

 So you are advised to go to the App Store and buy an iTunes card for $50 and send it to this email for the delivery of $12.7m to your address.

As soon as the iTunes card is sent, kindly forward me the copy.
Attached is the full package and documents and also your ATM CARD itself. But it is held here just because of the $50 for the dispatch which I did not know they will charge. I encourage you to try as much as you can to send it to the Officer in charge of dispatch as he has demanded so that your ATM CARD will be amongst the packages that will leave today to your city Airport . You can call me immediately on my phone number(+ 175

This bank is hereby to warn you to stop any arrangement you have with any other bank or department related  to any transfer or delivery from another department which is not this Chase Bank New York for your own security.

I await your response immediately.   

Mr. Robert Justin