I want to showcase my website and get it featured and get people to my site to buy my products.

Currently at King we are working on a donation and they said the transfer is processing. We are also working on our facebook lottery as well. We are also doing some business to business and starting our brokerage. I am filing as a corporation today or tomorrow. The donation is from a lady and the money is in the united bank of Africa. I do lots of work in Africa and all over the world. I will post some of the proposals on my pages. I will also advertise products that you guys can purchase. I also do weather modification and plan on doing it as a business for the world. Through my research I found we have more effect on the weather than previoulsy thought. With the doppler we have in place we can create rain, end rain, diminish natural disasters and lower the temperature. Its biotech and the mind effects the weather. When watching the doppler its possible to create cold fronts, lower the temperature and direct cloud cover and storms to where they need to be. Its fascinating. If you look at the auras during sunset and sunrise you can also alter them as well. Its energy and everything changes when we look at it. I wanted to eventually code our weather systems or program it to have ideal weather situations. But I am working on investing and coding currently.