Our Government

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Our government is a government of the people for the people and by the people. It is important that we find representatives who represent our interest and who are like us. You have elected representatives for your area. Its good to be in touch with them. Our government evolves or is suppose to to suit our needs. You need to be in touch with them weather that be through phone or email and social media. Although they say it should matter who is in office for your success, if you wanted to write legislation you need to get a hold of your representative. And give them a call and see how you can help each other. I am getting ready to write to Scott Perry to write some legislation myself. I also receive an email about my unemployment compensation. I am getting ready to call my bank. I am working as a virtual assitant with some accounting work. I also have a 50000 dollar check in the mail that I need to speak with my bank about if it is real or not. They say it is publishers clearing house but has a college on it. I need to make sure someone did not sign me up for a college loan. This is why I need aws to stop this stuff from happening and to be judiscious with the information that I give out. I am planning on working with the FBI and law enforcement to stop the criminality online. Africans shouldnt be posing as government officials on the internet. I will use id. me for verification purposes. Good governments pay their people and pay their people well. That is the legislation that I will propose. I am planning on giving out grants to each citizen in the 10 million dollar range with price controls for inflation. Then to relieve our debt as a nation as well as other nations debts as well. Working with money the right way this is all possible. We can still have capitalism but everything will be free essentially and we will train people in the areas that we need. Such as building homes and health care and people will go the work to help people. Its senseless starting people with nothing, they become liabilities. My bank should be back up and running here in a second. Why not make people assets and build big and magnificent homes for one another if that legislation already isnt in place with these treasury bills.