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United Nations Compensation Committee (UNCC), Headquarters, New York, USA.
ADDRESS: First Avenue at 46th Street, New York, NY 10017  USA

Pay Attention Please:

As an Arm of the United Nations, we the United Nations Compensation Committee (UNCC) have the express mandate of the United Nations to pay Monetary  Compensations totaling Seven Million United States Dollars ($7,000,000.00) each to a substantial number of Nigerian/World 419 Scam victims.

We are mindful of the fruitless efforts of foreign Scam victims to get justice to no avail due to widespread Corruption, Irregularities, Bureaucratic Bottlenecks and High Handedness by officials both in Government and Banking sector within African Region in particular, hence our intervention as Responsible International Agency. To prevent a repeat of the ugly experiences of the past, payments of this Compensation will be routed to meet the desires of all Claimants.

With regards to the above aforementioned funds, you are hereby notified that your name has  been Short-listed in our initial manifest among numerous victims to be compensated to the tune of $7,000,000.00 each. To that effect, you are  required to re-confirm your information to enable us UPDATE AND KEY TEST OUR DATABASE for possible payment of your compensation to you. Therefore, we are happy to inform you that arrangement has been concluded to effect your payment as soon as possible and in our bid for transparency and accountability, it is our pleasure to inform you that your funds of $7,000,000.00 has been approved and upgraded in your favour this morning. As I am writing this message the funds has already arrived in United Nations Compensation Committee Office New York, and we are waiting to receive the Demurrage Fees before your $7,000,000.00 can be delivery to your home address.

Note that you are expected to pay only $60 for Demurrage Fees today and you are advised to send the money direct Cotonou, Benin Republic, as the origin of the Compensation Funds, in favor of Dave Ati as our Cashier Officer. Send the $60 through Western Union or Money Gram as soon as you receive this message with the information below for immediate release of your Compensation Funds to your doorstep within 24 hours you send the money. You are required to send the fee of United Nations Under-Secretary – General for Internal Oversight. information: Send Via Western Union or Money Gram But if you can not be able to send through Western Union or Money Gram send $60 buy any of the listed Card. Google Play Card or iTunes Card. $60 and attached us the copy if you can not be able to attached just send us only the card pin Number,

COUNTRY: Benin Republuc
zip Code: 00229Amount: $60
MTCN: ……………………
Senders Name and Address:……….

Note that any unclaimed Compensation Funds will be return to U.S Government account after 3 days. So you are urgently advice to comply with our demand so that we will release your Compensation Funds to you.

Be informed that delivery will be made to your Home address, in 24 hours after our confirmation of this payment for delivery, as you know that the delivery fee receipt will be used to attach on your payment delivery documents to avoid being delayed. Advice this office your proffered time of visitation to delivery and be informed that your valid ID card must be presented to the dispatchers before release will be done.

NOTE: You are not to contact any office(s) or person(s) for mistake in the delivering of your funds to you apart from the information stated above.

Faithfully Yours,

John F. Entwistle,
Administrative Assistant Secretary,