I want to showcase my website and get it featured and get people to my site to buy my products.

Today a philanthropist transferred me money and I will invest the money in an atm card or check that I received through email. I am also making youtube videos and finishing my letter to biden and my representatives. The unemployment office got back to me yesturday so that is a good sign. I am also starting my brokerage and may call businesses or find them online on facebook. I will focus on domestic and my book. I will also work on my business plan. I will also work with wells fargo to receive the grant and ppp. I will answer emails and write to my email list. I will engage in sales and the close. I figured it is up to me to make money and not to rely on my parents. I will employ my family and people I talk to on facebook. I will read more books on amazon and do affiliate marketing. I will work on my foreign exchange and federal treasury bills. I have someone who wants to transfer me 100 million dollars. My consultation for the day is to not be worried about making money for people. Provide a quality product but dont be afraid to make some money on the deal. People will give you large sums of money. Treat everyone you encounter as a customer reguardless on where the messages come from. I need people to work for me. Work with linked in to engage in sales. Check the software of the site and know you can make money from it. Build your brand and get a google business account. Use attraction and many universe theory to help. Use facebook business pages and work from there. Work with facebook marketplace. Write like it is a full time job. Study investing on a daily basis. Talk and think about money. What you focus on you get more of. Build a business plan and follow the directions you give yourself. Learn to write professional emails and letters. Use and set up an email marketing tips. Thank you.