Weather modification.

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Here at King we also do weather modification. Through our research we found we have more effect on the weather than previously thought. We have been shown to be able to create rain, end rain, diminish natural disasters and lower the temperature. Im working on getting funding for the service but we eventually want to program the weather to suit our needs. This is highly sensitive information that I am allowing you to have. I believe we can rain in regions that need it around the world to provide farmland and habitat creation and diminish natural disasters, rain on wildfires and provide cloud cover when needed. The auras at sunset and sun rise can also change to mirror ones shakra as well. The sky does magnificent things. We can also create different types of cloud cover for different purposes. And this is just our atmosphere wait until we work on outer space. I have been working on this for 10 years since everyone wanted to shape it as a crisis. Its essentually programming out weather to suit our needs and it needs to get funding from the administration and congress. The mind effects the weather and so do our doppler radar. With the observer effect and talking about the weather the way we wish it to be we can effect it. We can also limit the amount of rays coming from the sun and use technology or biotech to stop hurricanes from forming and directions of where they should go which is away from our shores. It will save our country billions of dollars in infrastructure and you can work on it with me. There are many more features of our weather modification and atmospheric tendencies to be out of this world.